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SALESFORCE TRAINING & PLACEMENT PROGRAM has emerged as the leading cloud based CRM package and its easy customization and integration capabilities have made it a very popular solution to most of the organizations. Consequently more than 150,000 customers globally have implemented and more are doing it every day. This popularity has resulted in a tremendous demand for professionals and keeping this in mind, Simbiosys has developed this training program. Successful completion of this program will help you in getting certified and thereby launching your dream job as a Salesforce Administrator / Consultant.


At the end of this unit, students would have acquired basic skills fundamental to their success as Administrators. They will have learned the organizational structure of CRM, know the technical skill on how to run their SFDC org, and have experience in practice workshops and use cases.


  1. Overview of Salesforce (1 Hour)
    •   What is CRM ? What is the basic architecture/data model of SFDC?
    •   Definitions of SFDC Vocabulary. What are the different Editions? What characterizes Sales Cloud vs Service Cloud?
    •   Logging in
    •   Quick Tour of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Administration Panel
    •   In Class practice with Navigation
  2. Exploring SFDC: Resources for Exploration and Help (1 Hour)
    •   How to Find answers in Help & Training
    •   SFDC Search functionality. Quick Tips for Navigation. Configuring Search settings.
    •   Resources
    •   App Exchange
  3. Preparing your Org for Users. (2 Hours)
    •   Introduction to Identify Confirmation. Basic SFDC Security
    •   Setting up and managing your Company profile.
    •   Currency and Calendars/Fiscal Years
    •   What is Chatter?
  4. Users (2 Hours)
    •   What does it mean to be a User?
    •   Creation of a User, and management of the record.
    •   About Licenses.
    •   Troubleshooting Login issues. Resetting Passwords
    •   User interface settings. List views.
    •   Topics and Tags Settings
  5. Security and Access (2 Hours)
    •   What are Roles and Profiles? What you can do and what you can see.
    •   Custom Profiles and Permission Sets
    •   Introduction to page layouts and record types and tabs.
    •   Managing access with role hierarchy and field level security. Sharing Models.
  6. Basics of Sales Cloud: (3 Hours)
    •   In depth look at Accounts Contacts
    •   Opportunity Management
    •   Marketing and Leads
    •   Web-to-Lead
  7. Basics of Service Cloud: (2 Hours)
    •   Basic Case Management. Tracking inquiries.
    •   Creating Queues, Managing Assignment Rules and Escalation.
    •   Solutions. How to prepare answers for your customers
    •   Tour of Console
    •   Web-to-Case
  8. Customization of Fields: (3 Hours)
    •   Standard fields. Types and definitions. Picklists/Formulas/ Lookup
    •   Creating new Custom fields. Navigating the field wizard.
    •   Writing formula fields. Basics and class Workshop.
  9. Page layouts: ( 1 Hour)
    •   Placement of custom fields.
    •   Optimization.
  10. Data Integrity/Validation Rules: (1 Hour)
    •   What is data Integrity? Why is it so important.
    •   Creating validation rules.
  11. Managing your Data (3 Hours)
    •   Import Wizards/Apex Data Loader
    •   Defining Field Mapping
    •   Updating. Insert vs Upsert. Mass Delete. Mass Transfer.
    •   Backing up your Data
    •   Weekly Exporting
    •   Duplicates
  12. Workflow Automation (3 Hours)
    •   When to use a workflow rule. Enforcing business process.
    •   Creating and Managing Rules.
    •   Automated Tasks
    •   Field Updates
    •   Email Alerts.
    •   Flow Triggers
    •   Automating Leads and Cases.
  13. Workflow Approval Process: (1 Hour)
    •   Exploring the Approval Wizard
    •   Creating process and adding steps
    •   Submission, Rejection, and Final Approval Actions
    •   Recall
  14. Reporting: (3 Hours)
    •   Run and Modify Reports
    •   Custom Reports and the Drag and Drop Report Builder.
    •   Summaries, Filters.
    •   Report Management/ Roles
    •   Printing, Exporting and Emailing Reports
    •   Custom Report Types
    •   Analytic Snapshots
  15. Dashboards: (2 Hours)
    •   The Visualization of Reporting Standard fields.
    •   Components and Data Scources
    •   Creating, Editing and Deleting Dashboards.
    •   Motivation/ Lead Boards. How to use Dashboards to increase Productivity.
  16. Collaboration/Chatter (1 Hour)
    •   Leveraging Chatter for your organization
    •   Chatter Updates and Status Feeds, Attaching links and Files
    •   Profiles, Groups, Following, Filters
  17. Collaboration/Ideas: (1 Hour)
    •   Leveraging Ideas for your organization
    •   Terminology. Categories. Comments
    •   Posting Ideas, Viewing Ideas and Searching Ideas
    •   Using Idea Themes
  •   Am happy to have got the training from Simbiosys, they really help you with training and prep you for the SALESFORCE ADM 201 CERT EXAM. Anybody who wants to learn Cloud computing Simbiosys is the safest bet. Would refer this place to my friends.  

    - Piyush

  •   The training was very comprehensive. Our Instructor knew a lot as he has been in the market for many years as a salesforce consultant, weekly assignments did help us in clearing off many of our concepts. A small student teacher ratio was really helpful as much attention was paid to every student.  

    - Mack

  •   I'm very glad Simbiosys called me a few weeks ago and offered me this great opportunity. Had I not taken the offer to attend the class, I believe that I wouldn't have stood out compared to other candidates for the job. So,indeed, it was a blessing in disguise and just perfect timing!  

    - Kevin